Privacy policy information
This website (“the site”) is managed by the Italian company Tiche Ebusiness & Consulting Srl.
Tiche Ebusiness & Consulting Srl (or “Tiche Srl”) provides this privacy policy information because it respects the privacy right of its users. This statement is effective since September, 20th 2013 and regulates the collection and process of personal data thorugh the site.
This statement describes the different kind of data collected by Tiche Srl and the way they are managed by the company. Please read carefully the following paragraphs before providing us your personal data. By using this website you allow Tiche Srl to use your personal data. For any questions please contact us at the email address
Data collected

1. Unregistered users
Tiche Srl suggests its customers to subscribe in order to use all the functions of the site ShoeAdvisor. Without registration the user can access only part of the site functions.
Without registration we will collect only a small part of personal data such as the IP address, in order to find problems related to the server, to the site or to produce statistical data. However it would be very difficult to identify the user from its IP address and Tiche Srl will not work to achieve this objective. Tiche Srl will collect this kind of information even though the user will reach the site through an external link. All these information will be collected and analyzed only as consolidated data.
We will send to the user device a file called cookie. The cookie includes information that allow us to trace the navigation experience of the user on our website and to know how many times it connects with the site. However, if the user does not register to the site, the cookie will not have access to information which can allow us to identify him. Cookies are not used to collect information on user hard disk and cannot collect information about other cookies currently on the hard disk. Cookies usage is only related to our aim to understand our site use. The user can decide not to allow cookies reception on his hard disk by following the security instruction of his own browser. However, we suggest allowing cookies in order to use correctly the functionally of the site ShoeAdvisor. In case of “clicking-through” – when a user comes on our site by following an external link – we could receive some personal data provided by third parties managed sites: we thus suggest user to check their privacy level on other website in order to minimize the amount of information shared.
2. Registered user
If the user decides to subscribe it will be enabled to upload contents on the website such as shoes reviews, comments, pictures upload and participating to our forums. The convenience of the registration will increase in the coming months thanks to a better knowledge of user’s desires and to the introduction of new functions on the site. We thus suggest you to subscribe in order to use all the functions provided by the site!
Following the registration we will collect other personal data. These data include the ones provided during the registration procedure: name, email address, username, password, favorites and shoe size. We can store all these information on a cookie on the user’s hard disk allowing our site to recognize the user at any time it will access to the site not requiring the log at any visit.
Usage of data collected
We collect all these information to help us and our costumers! The registration allow user to connect without logging any time. We can also use personal data to send him personal data regarding ShoeAdvisor or asking for a site valuation or sending newsletter or other information requested by the user..
We can also use user email address to send him special offers and opportunities offered by our partners and to send him advertising.
All commercial mail sent to the user can be rejected by the user by sending an email with object “UNSUBSCRIBE” at the mail address
To delete your account you just need to click on the button in your profile page.
Personal data distribution
Tiche Srl could disclose personal information about its users both in aggregate and singular way. These information, however, will be disclosed not allowing third parties to identify our customers.
Tiche Srl must collaborate with the public authority if requested and disclose all the information requested by the authorities. The user accepts its personal data and information shared on the site could be disclosed if requested as part of trial or other legal claims.
The profile and contribution of the users to ShoeAdvisor will be published and identified by the user nickname. Tiche Srl suggests its users to choose a nick name which is not easily linkable withy their name or surname. Tiche Srl will not publish users email or other personal data to other users.
How to update your personal informations
The user can update its personal information by using the Edit Profile button on the Site. If you need support please write an email with object “SUPPORTO” at the mail address
Possible changes to privacy policy and possible further clarifications
Tiche Srl could decide to modify this privacy policy is needed. In case of changes we will try to inform the users as soon as possible. FOR ANY CLARIFICATION OR FURTHER DETAILS ON TERMS AND CONDITIONS YOU MUST REFER TO THE ITALIAN VERSION OF “PRIVACY”.