Saint-Honoré Paris: A preview of the FW1415 collection

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During the recent MICAM trade show in Milan, I had the chance to attend the Saint-Honoré Paris Press Day.

Saint-Honoré Paris is building strong links between French style and Italian tradition: Parisian design is made real by Italian production.

The attention to details show also in their choice of a “drawer model” box, designed to be preserved and cherished as a precious collection object.

Fil rouge of the FW1415 is a rough allure of materials softened by vivid colours, in a sequence fo classy tartan and “pied de poule” motives. And humorous quotes make slippers amusing!

Here is a preview of the collection.

Ballerina modello Ambre - Saint-Honoré Paris

Stringata modello Angel - Saint-Honoré Paris

Ballerina modello Aurore - Saint-Honoré Paris


BRIGITTE 11aDIANA 1a Slipper modello Betty - Saint-Honoré Paris EAT ME 2b


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